Thrifting Something New

Hello darlings! 

In effort to provide a new, more modern and improved site for you guys I left Wordpress and found a new home here. :) The content will remain the same; Jam packed full of style, fun pictures and a little chit chat from me. Over the next month or so you may see some fun things added to the site, so stay tuned! 

Take some time to explore the new site & let me know what you think! But, before you do that here's my outfit for the day:

I was feeing pastel today (which is very rare). I'm usually a fan of darker colors. Bright colors aren't always my favorite. However, I spotted this top on a $0.50 rack at the Here Today Gone Tomorrow thrift store! 

Yes. You read that right. I said $0.50! It's a knitted, pastel yellow, Ralph Lauren Sports top that I plan to pair with anything high waisted. 

I was so surprised to find that the top was in perfect condition and ready for purchase at such a low price! But I can't complain. :) I wore my latest find with some deep pink shorts from Forever 21, a few accessories and a $16 pair of sandals from Walmart. 

I hope you enjoyed this bright outfit & I highly suggest to anyone who has not experimented with thrifting yet to go and do it! Thrift stores are often a hit or miss, but when you do find something worth buying, it's great. 



P.S. Don't forget to go check out the rest of the site! Comment & let me know what you guys think!