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Happy Fri-yay! If you're like me (and probably most people) you're looking forward to at least one or two days of sleeping in this weekend! Fortunately, before we get to the weekend I have a pretty jam-packed blog for you today with FOUR awesome things: 1) Health Tips 2) My mom! 3) Style 4) Exciting News!

Yesterday I was able to finally go grocery shopping, but before I did I made sure I wrote out a list of all of the things I planned to buy. For the food, I decided what I would buy based on if the food benefited my body instead of just buying what was cheap and easy.

Although I may have went a bit over my budget, my body screamed with joy.

Here's a few of the choices I usually make vs. the choices I made yesterday:

  • $1 Frozen Pizzas vs. Chicken Breasts & Frozen Vegetables

  • Chocolate Chip Eggo Waffles vs. English Muffins w/ Peanut Butter & Honey

  • Cheez-its vs. Veggie Chips

  • Cookies vs. Grapes

  • Chai Tea vs. Green Tea

I'm definitely a person who is always on the go, so I always used that as an excuse as to why I couldn't eat healthy. That was until I couldn't fathom filling my body with preservatives and junk for one more day. 

Coincidentally, my mom is a clean eater and certified personal trainer. Her main foods of choice are egg whites, chicken breasts, fat-free Greek yogurt and kale. While I may have lived with her for 18 years, I still have a lot to learn about clean eating!

Me: Do you have any tips for people who want to eat better? Also, what are some easy and beneficial snack or meal choices? 


Some easy eating healthy hacks I would recommend and have incorporated into my own healthy eating plan are:

Reduce but don't eliminate simple sugars from your diet, things like sodas, candy, even fruit...simple sugars are another word for Carbohydrates or carbs.

Your body needs carbs to function and give you fast energy for everyday things like breathing and burning fat!

But you want more complex carbs like oatmeal or vegetables. Yes, those are carbs too!!

So a simple solution is to replace potatoes, white rice and even pastas with can season it up to taste like almost anything...even chicken. A frozen bag of steam-able vegetables is less than a dollar at Walmart.

Another healthy option is to replace salad dressing with Greek Yogurt. You can mix a seasoning packet into Greek yogurt and get your protein and a reduced Calorie salad dressing.

Start your day off with a large 8-12 ounces of warm water and lemon to help flush out your system first thing in the morning before you reach for that sugary breakfast bar or cup of sugar. This is great for your skin and your tummy. 

This is my mom, Ruth! 

This is my mom, Ruth! 

You can follow my mom on Instagram: @mousie7575 for clean eating and fitness inspiration. 

In addition to slowly but surely heading over to the healthy side, I wanted to highlight this Target romper I bought for Hang Out Music Festival this May. 

I fell in love with it's Spanish vibes and off-the-shoulder fit.  

I plan to wear this with any brown or black sandals or wedges. The romper could also be worn with a jean or leather jacket.

Okay, so the exciting news. Yesterday, I had my first ever published fashion article on stands! For those of you who don't know I am a writer for The Daily Reveille and we began our summer print issue yesterday. It was a very exciting feeling to see my name next to a fashion article (the first of many to come!)

I will be linking all of my Reveille stories on my Press + Publications page so make sure to check it out every week!

What was your favorite portion of today's blog? Learn anything new? Tell me in the comments!