Travel: New Orleans Weekend Trip

Hello Darlings! 

This weekend I went to New Orleans to celebrate my mom's 41st birthday. Each day contained it's own fun adventures. From art galleries to Finding Dory, we made some pretty great memories! Scroll down to read about our adventures: 


My mother & I began our trip at Painting With a Twist. If you haven't taken a class with them before it's a very fun painting class for friends, dates or groups of people. A teacher guides the class step by step on how to create the painting of the day.

Our super fun instructor

Our super fun instructor

Our class painted a sunset with a field of sunflowers in the forefront. It gave me the perfect chance to unleash my inner Picasso. ;) At least that's what I said on my Instagram.

Me & mommy!

Me & mommy!

After the painting class, my mom and I explored the area for cool spots. We stumbled upon one spot in particular that was really cool & after seeing it decided to search for art galleries. 

The cool spot we found near a men's boutique

The cool spot we found near a men's boutique

We went to Julia Street. A street within the art district of New Orleans that is packed with amazing art galleries.

My favorite gallery experience of all of them!

My favorite gallery experience of all of them!

After getting our fix of amazing work, we headed back to the hotel to shower, change and get ready for our yoga class. My mom registered us for a restoration yoga class. It was quite interesting being that it was my first yoga class. But I enjoyed it very much! I plan to continue taking yoga classes or trying to do it on my own so I can be #zen.

Following the class, we went to dinner at La Casita. We both ordered chicken tacos with a side of rice and beans and a glass of white sangria. Since mama can't hang, I drank her sangria for her. LOL. We talked and reminisced for hours before we realized we only had about an hour before the clock would strike midnight and it would be my mom's b-day.

My mom and I are huge birthday and holiday people so we sped to the only open Walmart in the area and bought a pack of carrot cakes and cheesecakes. We made it just in time, had a little mini photo shoot for the birthday girl around midnight, danced a bit and head to bed.


Exhausted from yesterday's eventful day, the birthday girl and I slept in during the rainy Saturday. Once we woke up, we head to Starbucks to do a little work of our own and then went to the movies to see Finding Dory.

Being a '90s baby and growing up on Finding Nemo, I had high hopes for this much anticipated sequel. Thankfully, it was everything I hoped for!

After the movies we shopped around then head back to the hotel where we changed and got dressed to hang out in the French Quarter.

We ended up going to the Historic District where we stumbled upon so many treasures.

First, we found the Art Garden where local photographers, painters, jewelry makers and more sold their art in a beautifully decorated alley style area.

After we finished at the Art Garden we approached a small cart where a man was selling coconuts for $5. I had to try one! It was delicious.

Then, my ears heard an amazing voice inside a nearby restaurant/bar. So we head inside, ordered some fried pickles and onion rings and hung out there for the rest of the band's set. I later found out the band was named, The Cole Williams Band. Their sound was a mix of Erykah Badu and Sublime -- it was perfect.

Once we were done there we wondered around the area a little longer, stumbled upon another alley way filled with artists and then head back to the hotel.

This weekend's festivities were great! It really reminded me how great my love for the arts is. If you have the chance to check out New Orleans or specifically the Art District and the Historic District, it will be something to remember!

Also: My plans as of right now are actually to move to the amazing city of New Orleans after I graduate from college. We'll see what happens!

Check out my Instagram to see the outfits I wore for the trip:

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