My Way or The Alleyway

Hello loves!

Happy Tuesday! It's finally sunny again in Baton Rouge so I'm celebrating by breaking out another $0.50 find from the Here Today Gone Tomorrow Thrift store I mentioned in the last post.

I came across this dress on the rack and initially passed it up and continued browsing. But something told me to give the rack one more look through. I just couldn't pass up a $0.50 maxi dress!  I always say real fashionistas have "an eye" for the perfect finds...maybe my eye just takes a moment.

I wasn't crazy about the length, so I tied one of the bottom corners into a knot and I was sold. I knew right then that I could wear the dress with nearly anything! For this particular outfit, i wanted to go for a bit of an urban feel. I wanted to be girly, but not too polished or preppy.

To achieve that look I wore my dress with a Forever 21 flower choker, a tribal print bag from Entourage and my sandals from Walmart which can be seen in my last blog post.

Fun Fact: The underarms of this dress are red. I think the original wearer may have had some serious pit stains so decided to use bleach to get rid of them or they may have bleached their underarms then wore the dress right after. LOL. Either way, I kinda like them, I think they give the dress character. ;) Scroll up to the first photo & you can see the red pits!

Before we part, I want to leave you with a preview of one of my latest jams! *Contains explicit language*



Cynthea Corfah