No Worries 4 the Fourth

Hello Loves! 

Happy 4th of July weekend! For this weekend's holiday inspired outfit I mixed some store bought and thrifted items from my closet to create a classic and tomboy-ish feel with a feminine twist. 

Headband + Top: Forever 21

High-waisted Jeans: Goodwill

Shoes: TOMS

This weekend I'll be heading to Fort Polk, LA to visit some cousins I haven't seen in forever. I'm excited to get away from the work life for a couple days and be around some family. Hopefully I'll be full of hot dogs, mac 'n cheese and whatever else yummy BBQ food too. ;)

I was feeling pretty moody during this shoot. Hence the mix of serious, smiling & silly faces. LOL. Despite the mixed emotions this day, I've been on a seriously positive journey lately. By this, I mean I am making sure all things in my life are positive by conquering my fears, surrounding myself by people that are healthy, and removing all negative thoughts and memories from my mind. 

And as you may be able to see, its going just swell! I suggest all of my readers aim to do the same thing. Create a large positivity bubble for yourself to live in and don't let any negative people or things inside of it. 

I hope you have a fun & eventful weekend! Make sure to keep up with me on Instagram: @lacedincyn for outfits and family pics from this upcoming weekend. 

Happy 4th!



P.S. Here is my current jam, enjoy!