Positive in the Tropics

Hellloooo loves! 

Oh, how I have missed you so! Over this month-long break that I took from blogging, I have made a lot of growth. I worked a lot, some new opportunities presented themselves and I took a much-needed vacation to Tampa + Miami, FL (which I will share photos from later). 


But now, I am back home with one year of college left and I am more focused than ever. My positive vibes are all aligned and fear is not a friend of mine anymore. #Fearless

Today I am wearing a pair of old shorts from TJ Maxx (or Ross) that made me feel tropical and matched my positive mood. You know they were super cheap, probably from the $5 - $10 range and they easily spice up ANY simple outfit. 

I rocked these vibrant shorts with a brown shirt and pair of sandals to match. 

travel journal + coffee = essentials 

travel journal + coffee = essentials 

As a part of me being super [[focused]], I have been serious about journaling and reading. Seeing my thoughts and memories out on paper is essential for me. So instead of letting all the excitement from social media take over my mind, I sit down and jot down my happy thoughts. 

In addition to reading, writing and drinking plenty of coffee & tea I have been making an effort to take care of my hair, with moisturizing and consistent trims being high on the priority list! To my natural & curly hair girls: You know the struggle!

Classes will resume in nearly two weeks + when that happens I will be dishing out blogs for you guys to enjoy! So get prepared. :) 

Sending my love + positivity to all of you!