New Year, New Focus

Hello loves!

Happy New Year & welcome to 2017! I've been so excited (and nervous) for this year to begin because it's the year of so many new beginnings. So far, this year I started two internships, took on a new gig and will be graduating with my bachelors in Journalism in May. 

Graduation within itself carries so many new beginnings and experiences, so I'm very eager to see what awaits!

This year, I have my eye on the prize. I am more focused than ever on doing what makes me happy, spending time with people who make me feel good and not letting fear prevent me from going after whatever it is that I want (whether it be a job or getting the courage to introduce myself to someone new.)

My motto lately has been, "Just plant seeds."

Every day, no matter how busy I get, I try to plant a seed. Small or large. My seeds can be as small as commenting under one of my favorite writer's Instagram posts, posting my business card on a public bulletin board or sending an email to make a business connection. 

Planting a seed is making an action (action = seed) that will potentially grow into something so much larger/beautiful/beneficial (blooms into a flower) than the action you started with. 

My challenge to you guys, my AH-MAZZZZZZING readers, is to go out there and plant seeds!

Want better friends? Message that Facebook friend that you always wanted to hang out with but never did in real life. Want a better job? Send your application and resume to places you'd only dream of working at. Want to be a model? Practice posing in the mirror a few minutes each day.



In addition to adjusting my focus, my wardrobe saw some adjustments as well this weekend! 

The freezing cold has finally made its way to Louisiana, so I had to find a look that actually withstood the cold (well, kinda...I was still freezing my butt off). 

My Outfit: 

Jacket: Timbaland (Boyfriend's closet)

Scarf: H&M

Sweater: H&M (Also, my boyfriend's closet...oops)

Jeans: Ross

Boots: Marshalls

What are you guys most looking forward to this year? What seeds will you be planting? Let me know in the comments!