Laced in Sunday: Channeling "Majestical Black Cowgirl" + Fire Soundcloud Mixes

Laced in Sunday: Channeling "Majestical Black Cowgirl" + Fire Soundcloud Mixes

Hello loves! 

Unlike usual, today I'm reporting live from my bed. Most of my Sundays are spent writing and getting things done at coffee shops. This one, however, was spent happily in my bed WITH the Papa Johns pizza I had delivered. I know, full bum status.

In other news, it's #LacedinSunday! So that means I had to share my latest obsessions with you. And this week, it is one of my latest closet additions: this amazing, vintage, western-inspired vest with mixed patters and multi-colored fringe. Talk about heaven sent. After first laying eyes on it at Time Warp Vintage Boutique, I knew it had to be mine & purchased it the second I could. 


Have you ever purchased something without knowing how you were going to wear it yet? That was me with this vest! I stared at it for days trying to create the perfect way to display it. Then, like 2 + 2 = 4 it came to me. "Denim on denim," I thought. "Duh!" 


So for this look, I decided to break out some of my fav vintage Levis (also from Time Warp) and a faux denim long-sleeve button-up from H&M. And from that...the majestical black cowgirl look was made. *Insert fabulous Beyonce GIF*


Outfit Details

Top: H&M

Vest & Jeans: Time Warp Vintage Boutique

Booties: Gift 

Now, it would't be #LacedinSunday without sharing some of my favorite music of the moment. So here's some of my absolute favorite Soundcloud mixes of the moment. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Q: Got any gems in your closet? What's your favorite, heaven-sent garment? Share yours in the comments!