My latest obsession: CC's Cold Brew Coffee

My latest obsession: CC's Cold Brew Coffee

Guys, I need to admit something: I have a serious weakness for coffee.

Whether its a hazelnut latte or simple iced coffee, there's nothing better than starting my day off with a cup of joe. The good thing is, I know I'm not alone! That's why, I have to tell you about my latest obsession.

New Orleans-based coffee shop, Community Coffee, just launched their make-at-home cold brew coffee kit! Now, instead of spending $3-$5/day on coffee, I can make two quarts of cold brew from my very own kitchen for only $6.99. (You guys know I love a deal!)


Now, if you're like me you're wondering 'how can you make cold brew at home without at least brewing it hot first?' CC's makes it SUPER easy! If you can make tea, you can make cold brew. Plus, it's so delicious and smooth! Like, so smooth, I almost forgot I was drinking coffee.


Here's how I made mine: 

1) Fill up your pitcher with cold filtered water.

2) Drop in two coffee bags. 

3) Let steep in fridge for up to 24 hours. 

4) Pour in cup, mix in sugar + milk and serve!


Here's the link to buy your own! Enjoy & let me know what you think in the comments!