My December To-Do List

I've been counting down the days till December since October. Since I was a kid, December has always been my favorite month of the year. Besides the fact that my birthday is on Christmas Eve, there's something about the holiday season that just makes my heart sing! 

This month, I wanted to make sure I didn't let December fly by without completing a few of my favorite things. With family being one of my favorite things about the holiday season, my cousin, Monique, joined in for the fun! :) 


1) Go iceskating. My plans are to go ice skating on my birthday! If I make it to the rink before then, I'll be happy too! While I'm not the bravest skater, I have my fun!

2) Have a holiday/Christmas themed photoshoot with Barry. I've always wanted to do this, but never actually made it happen. This year, after moving into our first place, I think it's the perfect timing. Stay tuned on that...

3) Buy the perfect chunky sweater. Honestly, if I had to wear an outfit everyday of the rest of my life, it would probably be a chunky sweater, some leggings (or nice pair of high waisted jeans) and some boots. So buying a chunky sweater is always on my to-do list!


4) Drink all of the hot chocolate my tummy can handle. It's safe to say I've already gotten started on this. Used the last of my Reddi-wip on a cup of hot cocoa today!

5) Find a new pair of booties. From velvet to embroidered booties, I've seen it all! I'm not sure what type I want quite yet, I just know I'm in serious need of some new babies.

6) Go to all of the Christmas parties I'm invited to. Let's be real, you don't miss them until they're gone. Ugly Christmas sweater parties, holiday work parties - they're the best! So this year, I'll make sure to take full advantage of the endless Christmas cookies and spiked hot chocolate!


7) Go Christmas light sight seeing. I love love love Christmas lights! It's gotta be one of my top five things about Christmas time. Seeing the dark skies lit with trees wrapped in strings of colorful lights is the greatest. So before the month ends, I'll be making my way to the best decorated neighborhood to "oo" and "ahh" at some houses!

8) See a movie in a movie theatre. Every winter, I somehow make sure to see a movie starring Will Smith in theaters. Don't ask me how/why, but it just so happens every December he has a movie out in time for my birthday. So Will Smith, whatcha got for me this year?

9) Get all dressed up and go somewhere special for New Years Eve. Although I usually try to get dressed for New Years Eve anyways, I want to kick it up a notch! Maybe go to a rooftop bar, fancy dinner...we shall see. 


10) Celebrate another amazing year of being alive. This year I'll be turning 23. I'm in this place where I feel like I'm getting old, but I'm still so young at the same time. Either way, I'm so grateful for another year with new opportunities and lessons. I've grown so much within this year and it deserves some celebrating! Happy almost birthday to me. :) 

IMG_5377 2.jpg

My Outfit Details : 

Olive Velvet Turtleneck: Time Warp Vintage Boutique

Faux Fur Vest: Yipsy

Jeans: H&M

Booties: Gift 

Purse: Michael Kors