Street Style: Men's Windbreaker, Oprah Obsession and Nikes

Hey loves!

Hope you guys are having a positive week so far. I've been feeding myself with plenty of positivity. In addition to watching Oprah speeches & life classes this week, I've been doing daily yoga and striving to be stress-FREE.

By the way: If you're not on the Oprah train yet, you need to get on it already cause you're missing out on her endless supply of knowledge and wisdom!

Today I'm sharing an outfit with you that I made using my boyfriend's windbreaker (Plundr), athletic leggings (Nike), a black t-shit (H&M) and a pair of sneakers (Nike).

All of these clothing items were in my (and my boyfriend's) closet and it was super easy to achieve. While this isn't often my go-to style I will say I felt tomboy-ish but still didnt lose my feminine sexy side -- which is always a plus.

 Thanks Barry for this great V-day gift!

Thanks Barry for this great V-day gift!

One thing I took from (Queen) Oprah, was that you have to make sure YOUR OWN cup is full before you can share yourself (time, effort, money, happiness, etc) with others.

Meaning: You're a better person when you've taken time out to ahieve your personal goals or desires. Ex: when you get to take a nap or do 15 mins of undistrubed yoga in the morning.

So my friends, make sure YOUR cup is full before you give all of yourself to everyone but the most important person -- YOU.

Before you go, listen to one of my favorite mixes from my FAVORITEEEEEEE radio show right now, Soulection. (Thanks Taylor for introducing me to it!)