Romantic Vibes for the Summer

Hello Hello Hello loves!!!

I am so excited to be back on the site and am ready to keep you guys updated with everything style, lifestyle and good vibes related. So get ready :) 

Today, I'm wearing an off-the-shoulder top from Forever 21 and a vintage knitted skirt from Time Warp Boutique. I fell IN LOVE with the skirt as soon as I saw it and knew I had to have it. Luckily, I stopped in the boutique during their summer sale and got it for 20% off #deal. 

Here's how I wore it: 

I wanted my look to be simplistic, but still a little romantic because I loved the mustard/brown color on my skin and wanted to compliment that. 

So, I accented the skirt with a white top, gold accessories and brown wrap-around wedges. 

Fortunately enough, the (last minute) look came out exactly how I imagined. 

Outside of style, I've been heavily focused on following my heart and being picky with where I put my energy. Negative and doubtful thoughts are time wasters and only take you down a dark, sad and insecure hole. 

I encourage you, my beautiful readers, to let go of the bad (people, memories, experiences, moods) and be open and ready for the good (experiences, people and opportunities) because they're out there and ready to be consumed by YOU. 

The only thing holding you back from "the good" is you and those negative & doubtful thoughts.

Life is short. Enjoy the journey.

Most importantly: Do that thing your heart craves the most, no matter how big it is.