Laced In Sundays: First One!!

Hello babes!!!

I'm extremely excited to share my latest edition to the blog: Laced in Sundays!

This will be my weekly blog post on five things (literally ANYTHING) I'm really into at the moment/is on my radar. These items can range from beauty products to music artists. I'm constantly finding out about new gems and figured it'd be selfish NOT to share.

Fun Fact: I chose to share five items with you guys in particular because it's my fav number. :) 

So what better time to start than RIGHT NOW? 

Let's gooooo!

1) Something for Ya Ear: Ré Lxuise

So after watching the Netflix Original Chewing Gum, I ended up following the main actress and writer behind the show, Michaela Coel, on Instagram. She recommended this artist on one of her Instagram stories, so of course I had to give it a listen. After listening to the Detroit-based R&B artist's Soundcloud, I am here to tell you guys: she's a must listen. 

I'm usually a fan of ratchet/hood/bass-heavy beats paired with melodic singing, so if you are too - I'd give her a listen. 



2) Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix: Chewing Gum

It'd only be right for me to add Chewing Gum to list now, right? Guys. This. Show. Is. Hilarious. The raw humor and transparency of the characters in the show is refreshing and one-of-a-kind.

I will admit, it took me until probably the third episode of the first season to appreciate it for the hilarious and relatable show it was, so it give it a second! 


3) Reading Material: Girlboss Website

Wow. Now I feel like I'm sharing allll of my secret gems with you guys! But sharing is caring, huh? Ladies, have you heard of Nasty Gal Vintage Boutique or the book and Netflix series Girlboss? Well, this is the website for the #Girlboss brand and it's amazing! The articles are perfect for 20-somethings like myself and other women out there hustling! I would highly recommend scrolling through and checking out a few of their articles. 

Here's one of my favs

Courtesy Pinterest.

Courtesy Pinterest.

4) People to Follow: @musesuniform

While I can't remember when I found her or how I discovered her, @MusesUniform's Instagram is just flawless. With a beautiful mane of natural curls and round glasses, this French style blogger displays ultimate style-versailitiy. After a scroll or two through her Instagram, I definitely felt inspired stylistically. 

Just take a look for yourself. 

5) Something for Ya Ear: Soulection

Okay. I couldn't write the first Laced in Sunday blog post without including my top favorite thing in music. I've been listening to Los Angeles-based radio show, Soulection since the beginning of the year and have been obsessed ever since.

Airing on Beats 1 and uploaded to Soundcloud, these two hour-long R&B and Soul mixes are perfect for creatives, music lovers and those wanting to relax. 

In a time where a lot of music can start sounding the same, shows like Soulection weed out all the good music from the bad and present it in a beautifully mixed collection every week.

I hope you guys are able to check out one or all of these Laced In Sunday items! After you do, make sure to send me your feelings and reactions in the comments. Can't wait to talk music and Netflix with my readers. :D