Vibe with me...

Hello loves! 

Well...this blog post started as something completely different from what you see now. Just three minutes ago, I was wrapping up this blog post about to press "save & publish." Then, my wifi disconnected and in a matter of two seconds I was so distracted by the internet disconnecting that I pressed "delete." 

What a Monday-like thing to happen, right? 

So as I make an effort to bring myself back to happiness from this hulk mood (currently wanting to punch through my computer screen), I want you to enjoy these jams guaranteed to bring some positive vibes back into your Monday.

Also, while you're jamming to these tracks, check out my latest purchase from London's Fashion Boutique in Baton Rouge! This super comfy + breathable jumpsuit makes me never want to wear two-piece outfits again! It's much more fun to throw on a comfy, sundress-like romper!

I paired my romper with a burgundy bralette from Urban Outfitters + some gold accessories. 

Enjoy :) 

You know what....I'm feeling better already. Happy Monday. :) 

What was your favorite jam? Let me know in the comments!