Laced In Sundays: Inspirational Book Edition!

Hello loves! 

I'm so excited about this week's Laced In Sunday blog post! 1) Because I love everything related to self-help, inspirational and motivational books  2) This was a topic recommended by one of you beautiful readers! (Thanks, Ashlyn!) 

Today just happened to be the perfect day for this Laced in Sunday edition because I spent my morning browsing Barnes & Nobles and the book section of Urban Outfitters after drinking too much coffee. 

So here we are!

*Also, I just want to note that this will probably be just ONE of many Laced In Sunday book editions. Feel-good and self-help books are my absolute favorite and I'll have plenty to share with you!*

1) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Blunt title, huh? Yeah, well that's exactly how the book is! The New York Time's best selling author Mark Manson sure knows how to drop facts on ya while still keeping you intrigued and amazed enough to keep reading.

The motivational (and REAL) stories Manson weaves throughout the book paint vivid pictures of people throughout history who thought they couldn't -- but often overcame. Then theres those who didn't overcome, but Manson never fails to explain why they didn't. 

While I'm still reading it, I already know for a fact this a must-read. 

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2) You Are a Bad Ass

After finishing this book sometime last year, I wondered how I'd ever find a book as inspirational as this one. Well-written and completely hilarious, this self-help book is the perfect book for someone in-need of some motivation to live their best life and accomplish whatever it is that they're trying to accomplish.

With tips literally in bold font, Jen Sincero makes it easy for the reader to take notes and learn. 

This book was so good I got my boyfriend to read it, so I know it's for everyone! ;)

3) 52 Small Changes for the Mind

Okay, so this book (and the next two), I stumbled on while browsing at Urban Outfitters. I wanted to put this not only on my, but my readers' radar because after skimming through the book for a few minutes I could sense it's greatness!

The author encourages small changes like creating to-do lists and meditation to eventually lead to improved memory, stress relief and increased productivity. 

If you get to it before me, please let me know your thoughts!

4) A Year Between Friends

Guys. I thought this book was just the cutest. This is a book that covers 365 days between two friends who live on opposite sides of the world. From recipes to real letters, this book looks like the ultimate heart-warmer. 

I would definitely recommend this book for not only yourself, but your bestie as well!

5) The Book of Questions

Ahhh! So this was the (seemingly) simple book that I just couldn't leave Urban Outfitters without! As a journalist and just someone who loves to know more about people, this book was a must-buy for me. It's literally a book full of questions that are deeper than the surface and truly make you think. 

Example of one of the questions: "Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as your dinner guest? your friend? your lover? What do you seek in a friend that you don't expect from a lover?"  

Thought provoking, right?! I KNOW. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this special edition and thanks again to Ashlyn for recommending it! Let me know what books caught your attention in the comments!

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