New Home, New Chapter

Hello loves! 

So as some of you may know, I moved! I'm still located in Baton Rouge, LA but I moved to a super cute little pink home downtown. (Which I'm still excited about!) While it's been exciting starting this new chapter, it's also been very time consuming. I'm STILL not completely done unpacking. But I'm almost there! 

Once everything is unpacked and more decorated, I'll probably do a little home tour for you guys to see it! :) 

In addition to moving into a new place, I'll be finding a new job in August. College is over & it's time to find a big girl job... So, stay tuned for that! I'm very excited to spend another year in Baton Rouge and to see what I can start and get into. I've got plenty of ideas, some of which you guys will see very soon. Also, the creative scene here is growing and I'm totally here for it!

Today, I'm sharing my casual outfit for the weekend with you. It totally represents where I'm at right now in life: Care-free (trying to be), comfortable, a little artsy and just me.  

This top is my boyfriend's T-shirt from H&M, shorts are from Pacsun, moccasins (unknown), choker was a gift from Germany (thanks, Bethany!) and watch is Michael Kors. 

Enjoy. <3 



P.S. all of these photos were taken right on my back porch. :)