Five things every 20-something needs to add to their daily checklist

Five things every 20-something needs to add to their daily checklist

Hello loves! 

Welcome to September! Is it just me or is this year FLYING by? Just yesterday it feels like I was mentally preparing myself for life post-graduation. Now, classes are back in session and ya girl is living that real adult life: working full time & watching as many cooking shows as possible, jk...kinda.

All jokes aside, my values and interests have already changed so much after only four months since graduation. During school, I was used to going through life letting my obligations and silly social expectations control how I spent my time. Without school, I realized I was allowed all of this extra time to analyze what I want to do and how I want to spend my time on earth.

I also realized that without school, any knowledge I receive from here forward is all up to me. Whether that be through books, workshops or Youtube videos...I am the sole person who determines how much knowledge I receive for the rest of my life. To me, that was both a crazy and exciting realization!

Since my little epiphany, I've added a few new (and some old and forgotten) habits into my day that not only make me feel great mentally, but physically and emotionally.

Check them out along with my latest wardrobe obsession: this flirty burnt orange off-the-shoulder top from Time Warp

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Top: Time Warp Vintage Boutique

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1. Bath Time: So you work all day long. Whether it is 8 hours on your feet or sitting in a cubicle - your body is tired. Why not treat yourself to the next best thing to a hot tub? A hot bath. Since developing a bit of a routine post-college, I've added bath time into my (dang near) daily routine.


What I do: Wake up 2 hours before work. Do 10-20 minutes of yoga. Run the bath water. Take a relaxing bath (sometimes even candle lit) while either listening to nothing, an audio book or the latest Soulection mix. 

Bath time works WONDERS, guys. If you don't want to make time in the morning, add it into your nightly routine. Bath time is perfect for winding down and getting your body in a relaxed state enough to sleep great. 


2. Yoga: Taking care of your body is a must-do. Working out, running and walking are just a few ways you can take care of your body. However, for me yoga is unlike any other physical activity. Not only do you get to work your body through yoga, but your mind and spirit as well. 

No matter how busy your day gets, take a moment to show your body some love. It can be as little as 5-10 minutes. Roll out your mat, get some water & get zen. 

Tip: I use guided yoga sessions on Youtube when I don't feel like freestyling. Prop open your laptop or Ipad on a table and you've got your own at-home yoga class!


3. Read a book you LOVE: stop reading crappy books just because your friend or mom recommended them to you. Do some research or go browse in the bookstore. Find a book that touches you or makes you FEEL something, buy it and enjoy it! Take it with you everywhere until you finish it. 

Too many times I catch myself saying I wish I read more, but there's moments in my day when I could easily read a page or two...even on my busiest days! Also, you have to know your preferences. For example, I love self-help books, so I'm not gonna bother trying to force myself to read a fiction or sci-fi book. 

What I do: every day I make sure to either listen to a self-help book on Audible or read a few pages of a printed book. Because I love the books I'm choosing, I'm happy every time I get some reading or listening time to myself. 


4. Tend to your passions: We all have to pay the bills. HOWEVER, as a lapel pin I saw on Instagram the other day said, "Don't quit your day dream." It's okay to get your bills paid and go to work, but unless you're living your dream and working your dream job, you need to stay focused on your passions! Even if that means taking it one baby step at a time and completing small tasks each day.

Want to be a traveling chef? Start cooking, like now! Its okay that work 9-5, cook at night! Take nice photos of your dishes, share them on Instagram and keep practicing whenever you can. You only get one life, so why not live your best one? 


5. Meditate: Clear your mind! Whether you're having the best or the worst day, taking a few minutes to pause and empty your mind of conscious and subconscious worries is SO refreshing! The great thing about meditation? You can do it any time and anywhere! Try guided meditation, calming meditation music or no sounds at all.  

How you meditate is up to you. That's the beauty. Meditation is about grounding yourself, silencing your thoughts and tuning in to that healthy, cleansing energy we all have within ourselves. Give it a try (or two)! Meditation is beneficial for everyone.  


Q: What advice do you have for ladies in their twenties? Have any daily routines of your own? Let me know in the comments!