Day 2: Describe Your Wardrobe

Hey guys! 

Forgive me for getting so behind on my writing challenge! Today and tomorrow I will be sharing two different writing pieces to makeup for lost days. 

I really enjoyed this writing prompt! Probably because I've always loved fashion and style. And anytime someone gives me the opportunity to talk about clothes, I'll take it! Hope you guys enjoy! 

Leave your responses, feedback and reactions in the comments! 

Q: Describe your wardrobe to someone who is blind…

My wardrobe is a beautiful mess. It consists of various floral patterns, vintage and modern pieces, velvets, denims and everything in between. My everyday shoes are mostly black with a few pairs that are brown or other neutral tones. My running shoe collection - now that’s a different story. Bright pinks, purple and whites are what you’ll see on my tennis shoe rack. It’s funny because my athletic wear is so much brighter than the rest of my wardrobe. I typically prefer dark blue, grey, olive green, maroon, caramel brown, mustard yellow and of course black.

While I won’t always admit it, I love a beautiful, well-fitting, patterned dress. As I go through my closet, I realize that about myself. Especially a great maxi dress. Working at a vintage store only feeds my craving for luxurious, vintage, maxi dresses that fall off of my body like they were tailor made. I got a taste of that feeling when I purchased my vintage blush Saks Fifth Avenue off-the-shoulder floral maxi dress. The neckline consists of large, loose ruffles that framed my  collar bone perfectly. I wore it to my Galentine’s Day themed brunch and I floated around in it like a dream. I didn’t want to take it off!

Generally, I have a mix of warm and cold weather wear. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, so I have plenty of long sleeve tops, jackets and coats. Let’s not forget my scarf collection. From crochet to silk, I love a vibrant & eye-catching scarf. I have a bin full of them in my closet that I try to minimize every year.

Atop all of my clothes on hangers, I have various school, sorority, event, brand and athletic T-shirts folded in piles. I probably have a T-shirt in nearly every color and size. Soon, I’ll be gutting some more of those out of my closet! I have a small selection of skirts, a growing amount of pants and jumpsuits. My wardrobe is forever changing. Let's see what it looks like in a few months!