Day 3: A Perfect Day

Hi guys, 

Wow. Writing this was very therapeutic in a way. It allowed me to reflect on what I want to experience on a daily basis. It also helped me to identify what I am lacking in my everyday life. Thank you to whoever sent this topic in for the writing challenge! Please feel free to continue sending writing challenge prompts. Also, if anyone has decided to join me in this - make sure to tag your article in the comments or email it to me! I want to read yours too :) 

Q: Describe your perfect day...

My perfect day would start slowly. I would wake up calmly, in my well-lit apartment to hot coffee already being made by my Keurig. I turn Soundcloud on to the latest episode of Soulection and dance my way through my morning routine (shower, makeup, get dressed).

After I’m dressed, I take a step outside onto my balcony. I have a gorgeous view of mountains, trees and a beautiful city skyline. In my warm, fuzzy robe, I take a moment to inhale, then exhale as I sip my warm coffee. I collect my thoughts, then begin my day. It starts with a meeting at a coffee shop. I meet someone I haven’t seen in a while, talk, catch up and share laughs. Then, I get lost in a women’s fashion magazine...or a few.

After a couple hours, I head home to change and get ready for my yoga class. For an hour, I stop what I’m doing to treat my mind, body and spirit to some much-needed self-care. After I’m done, I meet up with my best friend for wine. We drink, laugh and vent till we can’t talk anymore. Finally, I finish my day with a nice, warm bath in my large jacuzzi tub, read an inspiring self-help book and wind down before watching a movie with Barry and falling asleep.

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