Day 4: One of my Biggest Fears

Hey guys!

Let's jump right in!

Q: Write about one of your fears and how you’ve overcome it/plan to overcome it…

One of my greatest fears is heights. When it comes to tall buildings, high balconies and mountain cliffs - count me out! Since I can remember, I’ve always been afraid of heights. My fear probably comes from my mom’s side seeing as though my mom nor my grandma can hardly cross a bridge without having a panic attack.

Now, I realize that the fear of heights was ingrained in me. My thought process is that when I was a child I saw my mom terrified of heights, as her little clone I started perceiving situations in which I was high up as scary. So year by year, I try to chip away at my fear by doing little things outside of my comfort zone.

When visiting Chicago last spring I went to the Skydeck where I was 1,353 feet up in the air with nothing but a strong piece of glass supporting me! My heart raced and my hands shook, but you better believe I got my butt on the platform, took my photo and quickly slid back to safety. In Seattle (just a couple weeks ago), I decided to get on the former tallest ferris wheel in the West Coast. Built over water and 175 feet high, this ferris wheel was no joke! While it was incredibly beautiful and had the best view of the city, for the last half of my ride my stomach felt like a rock and I could hardly move. But hey! I did it!

I have a few other fears like Emetophobia (fear of throw up), bugs (duh!) and deep water. But I’m working on one thing at a time! So far, so good.

Do you have any weird fears? If you're brave, you'll share them in the comments! ;)