30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

Hi guys! 

This month I have decided to challenge myself to 30 consecutive days of writing. Starting today! My goal is to exercise my writing & creative skills and most importantly, write for fun! I received writing topic recommendations from friends on Facebook and text message. Thank you so much for your great ideas! I hope you guys enjoy this journey as I explore new writing topics. Some pieces may be short, others long. Some stories may be deep, some may be just for laughs. I can't wait to see where the writing prompts take me!

Feel free to leave more writing suggestions in the comments! I may pick yours next! 

Q: What’s the first memory you have as a child?

The first memory I have as a child is fuzzy, yet extremely vivid. I had to be around 2-4 years old. I remember sitting at my pink plastic vanity in the living room of my mom & I’s one-bedroom apartment. I was looking at myself in this tiny pink mirror. It was one of the those plastic mirrors - the one’s that aren’t super clear but companies put on child’s toys anyway.

At the time, I loved it. I didn’t know it then, but my mom must’ve gathered all her money from her multiple jobs to buy it for me for Christmas. In this memory, I was happily putting on some cheap, pale pink, child’s lipstick. I remember it being super waxy (like what the heck 90s makeup brands?!) but still, I felt mature and convinced that I was really getting myself ready for the day.

My mom called my name from the hallway. I heard the sound of the faucet squeaking followed by the water from the bathtub shutting off. “Come take your bath,” my mom said from afar. After hearing my name for the second or third time, my memory faded out. Guess I went and took that bath!  

I want to hear from you guys! What was your first memory as a child? Share in the comment section!