Day 2: Finding a Voice through Fashion

Day 2: Finding a Voice through Fashion

Hey guys! 

I REALLY enjoyed answering this one. Shout out to Zoe for suggesting it! :) 

Day 2: "Finding a voice through fashion in Baton Rouge..."

Standing out from the crowd can be hard. But as cliche as it may sound, no one can be you. No matter what, no one’s brain is wired the way yours is. I remind myself this every time I get dressed. As long as you wear what makes you feel good and purchase clothing items that you’re excited about, your personal style will stand out from the rest. My motto for this year is, “live out loud.” Through clothes, my writing and my life in general - I plan to live out loud. For so long, I chose what to wear based on what I felt would be accepted by others. That Cynthea is long gone. I’m getting back to the freshmen in high school Cynthea. The one who scattered fashion magazines all over her bed and picked bits of inspiration to create my outfit for the next day. I wore pink lace leggings, textured skirts and striped tops. I was the queen of mixed prints and I didn’t even know it! While I may not be going back to that extreme, I plan to approach fashion and style the same way. I will use style as what it is meant to be - an extension of who I am and how I feel that day. If I feel like being extra, I’ll be extra. If I feel like bringing out my inner hood rat - I’ll do that too! You only live once and (according to society & probably the law, lol) we can’t all walk around naked. Might as well wear clothes that make you feel good!  If you do that, your voice through style/fashion will be heard loud and clear.

Hope I answered the prompt well enough! 

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