Day 3: A letter to my Future Child

Day 3: A letter to my Future Child

Hi guys, 

Wow. Writing this felt super surreal. I'm 23 years old and definitely plan on having a child (or two) when the time is right. As I wrote this, the idea of having a child became that much more real.  I encourage my other lady friends without children to try this! How does it make you feel? For me, sharing this with you guys feels kind of like sharing something intimate and a bit vulnerable. But I love the challenge. :) 

Day 3: "Write a letter to your future child" 

Dear Future Child,

I haven’t seen you yet, but I know you’re beautiful. I haven’t felt you yet, but I know once you wrap those little fingers around mine, you’ll be the owner of my heart. It’s a scary world out here, but I don’t want you to ever be afraid. Life is beautiful. Treasure it. Don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy. You’ll face your own obstacles and go on your own journey, but always remember this: you are loved. Before you even were placed on this earth, you were loved. You have a purpose. Find it. Let life unfold at it’s own pace and share your love and light with the rest of the world. Love is what made you, so you have plenty to give! Place value in God, experiences and people instead of things. All things are temporary and replaceable. Because of you, this world will be a better place. You will have confidence, determination and sense of purpose the moment your feet touch the ground. Already, I believe in whatever you set your mind to. Don’t ever doubt yourself. If you get lost, sit quietly and listen to that inner moral compass of yours. It won’t ever steer your wrong. No matter what day or time, I will always be a call away. Like my mother did for me, I will nurture you, love you unconditionally and provide you with all of my wisdom and life lessons. I look forward to the day I meet you, my sweet baby. Until then….

All of my love,

Your mommy <3