Day 1: Write a Letter to your Past Self

Day 1: Write a Letter to your Past Self

Hey guys! 

Soooo June got kinda crazy! From job changes to my latest Brunch for the Soul event, I didn't make much time for writing. With that said, I am giving it another go! Now that July is among us, I am determined to complete this 30-Day Writing Challenge. I hope you guys enjoyed the few writing prompts I answered in June because these ones are gonna be even moreee fun! 

Let's get into it! 

Day 1: "Write a letter to your past or future self"

Dear First Year Cynthea,

Stop stressing so much. From your skin to your mental health, everything will be affected by your high level of stress. Stop worrying, because there is nothing to worry about. You can’t predict the future, so just roll with it! Be more present. College will fly faster than high school did, so enjoy it! Enjoy new opportunities, new friendships and have a little fun. The reality is: after college your grades, GPA and class attendance don’t matter. What matters is the experience, wisdom and self-love you develop. Use everything that makes you uniquely you for your benefit! Don’t be afraid of rejection. You’ll see a lot of it! Use the rejection to fuel you and bring you closer to what’s meant for you. From your abilities to your outer presentation, believe in YOU! Cause guess what? In the end, it will be your personality and your inner drive that will get you far. Also, get realllll excited, girl. Remember how you dreamed of being a model? A journalist? A photographer? You’ll get to do all of those things! Very very soon! Just wait and see. Always remember to stay true to yourself, do what feels right and don’t miss out on anything because of fear. Life is too short to not live out your wildest dreams.



Q: What are some things you would tell your past or future self? Leave your responses in the comments!